LED Lights

Revolutionary Lighting Technology

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is composed of various semiconductor materials and when an electrical current passes through the diode, the recombination of positive and negative charges within the different compositions results in the emission of photons or light. LED’s are also referred to as “Solid State lighting.” Environmental and legislative awareness continues to drive demand for energy efficient lighting solutions in residential and commercial applications. LED luminaires are high-efficiency alternatives to traditional light sources. Capitalize on the light quality, longevity and convenience benefits of solid state lighting.


Revolutionary Lighting Technology

 The supply of fossil fuels impacts lighting and all energy consuming products. Lighting fixtures constitute a large percentage of electric utility bills - as much as 40% in some commercial facilities. Lighting will need to change to meet higher mandated efficiency levels. Changes in the lighting industry are being driven by energy legislation that has been established to meet concerns of excessive consumption. The future of lighting is with high efficiency products that meet lower energy consumption levels.


Saves Energy and Money

 Changing one incandescent lamp to a LED recessed down light will save you hundreds of dirhams over the life of the fixture. Changing multiple fixtures will significantly lower your electric bill and change how you view lighting. LED luminaire is more efficient than traditional light sources consuming 75% less energy than a 65 watt incandescent lamp.


Increases Reliability

LED’s are solid state devices that do not have filaments or glass components that could break. Due to LED’s solid state principles the light source is not susceptible to vibration reducing the risk of premature failure. Over 70% of the initial light output is maintained after 50,000 hours of operation. The sustainability of the LED fixture dramatically reduces maintenance and service costs over traditional sources. LED fixtures can last five times longer than a ?uorescent or fifty times longer than incandescent sources. Sustainable Solutions can provide a wide range of LED products for a variety of applications and environments. Please see out full LED product catalog for the entire range to find the LED that suits your need. All LED lights are covered by a 5 year warranty.